Play the Happy Wheels Unblocked game now !

Happy Wheels Unblocked characters

Happy Wheels IOS is coming soon! Be prepared for an adventure and perhaps a violent death. This game is going to be to blow you out of the water! Come have endless hours of fun as one of these great characters from Happy Wheels, and this character will leave you laughing and coming back for more.

There will be six characters in all, each one with their own chapter to play and experience. Every chapter will have ten to fifteen levels to master with your character of choice. Let’s meet our characters!

Wheelchair guy

This guy is an elderly man with the appearance of a homeless person. He has tattered clothes and sits in a wheel chair. He has rockets on his wheel chair that propel him around the game. Just be careful that he doesn’t explode!! He is a blast to play.

Segway Guy

Segway guy has a bike helmet and his colors are silver and blue. He is armed with his spring loaded Segway that has the power to jump into the air, so watch out! He can also reattach to his vehicle and he wears a business suit to show that he means business!

Irresponsible Dad

This Dad does not set a good example! He has his son on the back of his bike with him and he rides like there is no tomorrow. He has a helmet but his son does not. They are a team though and in it to win! They have a medium speed and are a dual playable team.

Effective Shopper

She is an extremely over weight woman that rides around in a shopping cart. She was the first female character and is so fat her clothes are ripping from it. She has a cart full of groceries and you know she can’t wait to get home to eat them. Move over and get out of her way!

Moped Couple

A couple featured on a classic moped. They have an average speed but can burst into action for a short amount of time. He drives and she holds on for dear life and can keep him from falling off. This couple is an inspiration to lovers everywhere and they are a dual playable character.

Pogostick Man

Pogostick Man goes everywhere a pogostick can. He has a metallic and silver pogostick with a spring inside that can be seen in the animation when he lands. He can take a beating and keep on a ticking. He is the most resilient character in the game and can keep going even when ripped apart. His speed is slow and he is a medium sized character.

These crazy characters are what the game is all about! Happy wheels unblocked designers plan on adding more characters as the game goes on but for now you will be able to navigate the game in style with one of these six fun and extremely crazy characters. Learn to use their special ability and have fun as you race through these dangerous levels without dying, if you can.